e Foundation announces official support of microG development

European Union, July, 16th 2020 – Today e Foundation is announcing that it is officially supporting the development of microG, the free and open-source implementation of the Google Play Services Android libraries.

Although the core Android mobile operating system is open source software (AOSP), being able to run Android applications requires too often the presence of some Google proprietary librairies, needed to access Google online services APIs. This prevents many Android applications to run seamlessly on non-Google open source mobile operating systems based on AOSP.

microG addresses this issue by rewriting a free and open source implementation of those libraries.

e Foundation, which is hosting the development of /e/ OS, the “deGoogled” and pro-privacy mobile operating system, recognizes the value of microG. e Foundation started to support microG’s development earlier in 2019 by allocating some internal resources to this project. More recently, e Foundation has started to directly sponsor the Founder and maintainer of microG, Marvin Wißfeld.

As a result, Marvin Wißfeld will be able to spend more time on microG’s development, while being an advisor for driving internal microG related development work at /e/, and its integration in /e/ OS.

About microG

Created in 2015 by Marvin Wißfeld, microG is a free and open-source implementation of proprietary Google libraries that serves as a replacement for Google Play Services on the Android operating system. It allows smartphone users to access Google Mobile Services with less tracking of their device activity compared to Google Play Services.

More information at: https://microg.org

About e Foundation

e Foundation is a non-profit organization that is hosting and supporting the development of /e/OS, the deGoogled and privacy mobile ecosystem since 2018.

More information at: https://e.foundation

For additional information and interview requests, please contact:

Brittny Mendoza – Email: media@e.email